morgan (soxgal85) wrote in damonsdisciples,

hi everyone!

Name: Morgan
Age: 13
Location: Ayer, Ma
Whats your favourtie MLB team: Red Sox of course
Favourite player: Johnny, Millar, Varitek, Manny, Papi - but that's not all
Favourite pitcher: Schilling - How'd u know?
Favourite Baseball Memory: Walking on beloved Fenway dirt
* Worst Memory(s): Thinking I'd never go to Fenway again and the horrid end of season of 2003
How many games do you attend a year: not nearly enough - one when i can afford it.
Howd you find us: im on the other community too.
What do you like best about Johnny: personality tops my list. of course the hair is great and he looks like a great guy with his kids.
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